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Being a mom use to mean giving 100% of myself to my kids. I believed that's what a mother was supposed to do. Taking care of myself was last on the list after my  kids and husband. After joining a gym to shed some of the extra pounds, I thought would make me "feel better", I discovered the power of self-care!  I now know that taking better care of myself (mind,body, and spirit) makes me a better wife and mom. Motherhood is a life long journey and we cannot forget to care for ourselves along the way. Everyday moms need a space to let go and rejuvenate  ourselves. Come along with us as we continue to explore this MomLife together!

Please remember...

If you don't take care of you, who will?


I am a mom of three determined to show that Moms can handle it all, with Grace.

 I am a mom of three determined to show everyone that Moms can handle it all, although fearful at times we must know that there is a deception of fear that can't be accepted!  Anxiety crept in my life the moment I had was present all of the time because I allowed it to be.  I wasn't taking care of myself, I was simply THERE. I thought that I had to continue this life of being a mom and trying to be as perfect as possible...well guess what? Nothing is perfect and it's ok! If she spills something on her shirt BEFORE leaving the house I will try to wipe it off but if not, it's ok. She's clean, she's safe that' s all I can ask.  I had to learn (and am still learning) that everything won't be perfect as a mom and that it's ok to make mistakes! All moms need to know that we are works in progress. Let's learn together that we can run a board room, have a conference call with a teacher, close a million dollar deal and then come home and pack lunches.  

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